Linoleum Sheet & Tiles

Linoleum flooring was actually invented back in 1860! Linoleum flooring differs from all other flooring types as it’s made primarily from natural components such as – linseed oil, tree resin, wood and cork flour, limestone and pigments.

The components provide the flooring with a unique finish and scent which you won’t get with any other floor type.

Linoleum flooring was used for many years only within commercial facilities. However, because of its recognition as an environmentally friendly product when compared with vinyl it’s seen a recent resurgence.

Linoleum is anti-allergenic as well as anti-bacterial so is a popular choice for hospitals and health care facilities.

Benefits of Linoleum Flooring

Tough and durable



Good water resistance

Long life expectancy

Environmentally friendly

Suggested Applications




Bathroom facilities


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