Liquid Vinyl Flooring

Liquid vinyl, Cushioned Resin or Comfort Floors as they’re known provide a seamless floor covering which is warm, comfortable and surprisingly soft under foot.

If you’re looking to make a statement then the vast colour options as well as a silky smooth finish make this a floor to consider.

Whilst being tough and durable due to their elasticity they’re also easy to clean which makes them a great choice for the healthcare sector.

Benefits of Liquid Vinyl Flooring


Easy Clean


Soft feel

Attractive Finish

Suggested Applications

GP Clinics


Retail Facilities


Bars / Restaurants

Why Flooring International?

We understand that choosing the correct Resin Floor for your business can be hard work! Our support team offer a full site survey and consultation to ensure you make the right choice.

At Flooring International we only supply and install the best available products on the market. After 37 years of doing so we’ve built an enviable reputation and are regarded by our clients as true experts of the flooring industry.

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