Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floor coatings offer exceptional durability, chemical resistance, and customisable aesthetics, providing industrial environments with a long-lasting and visually appealing flooring solution that ensures safety and easy maintenance.

About Epoxy Flooring

We specialise in a range of epoxy flooring systems. From high-performance epoxy coatings to custom-designed demarcation lines and bays.

As a leading flooring installer in Newcastle, we understand the unique demands of industrial and commercial environments across the North of England.

We pride ourselves on providing customised flooring solutions that meet the specific needs of your business. As a local contractor, we offer quick response times, expert advice and a local guarantee.

Our team are committed to ensuring your flooring project is completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standards.

Discover why we’re the top choice for epoxy flooring in Newcastle and the North of England.


  • Fast installation
  • Wide range of colours
  • Strong chemical resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Cost effective
  • Range of finishes available
  • Anti-slip


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